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Oh, Slippey Slidey Time....

                    Where did the last  week go?!?.....Time is going so fast I'm starting to feel giddy, it's long fingered hands are so sliky smooth no matter how hard you try and embrace them you have no chance of holding on!
Oh dear....... someone pass me a sick bag...........

                   Well what I can remember of last week was Glorious! Lady Boo and I ventured out again for yet another mid week gig, this time to see the Manics ........and see them we did! The gig was excellent, they played lots of cool stuff and we managed to get a good spot so Boo could actually see which made a change. It was nice to see that there is still a new generation of Manics fans that adorn themselves with leopard skin coats and various military attire, It made Boo very sentimental. But the best bit of the night was the fact we actually got to meet them! At last the Wire was all ours...well ours and the Fifty other people who were clambering around the 10ft Sparkle of a Man. I managed to shake his hand and give him a manly pat on the back and Boo got a photo with him and his signature on her arm! We also met Mr Bradfield who was a lovely gentleman, Boo was on cloud nine because he called her "Babe", she had a grin that the Cheshire Cat would have been jealous of !
                  Saturday was spent in the ever- living company of Rudd-Rahh and Ms.Beatrice, the day started at the pub for breakfast and a pint (which is becoming a very delightful habit), then it was on to Rahhs where we spent the day listening to some Classic Vinyl, drinking lots of Booze and playing some very funny drunken games. It was a perfect hazy lazy day.

                  Now this maybe my last LJ for an ickle while as I leave shortly for the Land of Giant Mice...........but as the Governor of California   said " I'll Be Back!".............................................................


Can You Sing A Rainbow?......

                                                                Ahhhh! A new habit is forming and it's great! The Mid-week Gig, it's even better than the Fan favourite Mid-week Drink of old. Last Wednesday was the glorious Grinderman and this week it continued with the Klaxons, it really makes the week go quick because the days before are spent getting excited about the gig and the days after you spend in a post gig happy haze.
                                                                Now the whole Klaxon shin-dig is very interesting, they have created the perfect music scene which doesn't really exsist ..........NEW RAVE........ it's a slogan that the music press have lapped up and pasted on to many new bands which are rising to the surface of the musical pool( CSS, Hadouken,New Pony Club etc..). Its everywhere especially fashion, if you go into Topshop or H+M you will see Day Glow T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatbands with random geometric shapes printed on them and even the Smiley Acid face has been regurgitated and slapped on to Hoodies. Its being embraced by so many other Fashion/Music scenes as well like Emo's and the Hoodie crews, it fits in perfectly. But it is just a slogan, its not descriptive of the actual bands themselves, take the Klaxons for example they dont dress like their fans and their music is definitely not any way related to Rave. But now there are bands appearing wearing all that stuff and sounding Rave-ish its really weird new bands inspired by a scene that never existed...........
                                                               Anyway to the Gig! My partner in crime this week was Leebot , I went round to his pad first for some sugary alcohol and nibbles to give us the required dancing energy we needed. we arrived as the first support were finishing, their name escapes me now but there were about ten of them all adorned in silver sparkly hooded robes playing various brass intruments ( Hmmm maybe that's what became of do me bad things....) A few drinks later up popped Shy Child a drum/keyboard duo from N.Y. nice idea but dull as dish water I'm afraid. By now nearly all the crowd had at least one glow stick in hand. The glow stick has become the Klaxons Fans weapon of choice, some people where covered head to toe in them which made for a very colourful crowd indeed! Again this is not the Klaxons'  doing, they have even been quoted saying they think glow sticks are naff! But its strange, because of everyone having these glow sticks it sort of broke down any gig tension, it made everyone part of the same club.....the New Rave Club........ (hmmmmm interesting).
                                                               It was time for the main event, and the boys did good ...really good, it was great to go to a gig and dance, everyone was dancing, even at the back, it was such a good vibe, smiley faces all round......smiley,smiley faces!
                                                              Then it hit me, like a glowstick thrown by a God, the whole thing made perfect sense, It wasn't about a scene, it was a state of mind, it was an ideal, one simple phrase, that's all......  what is it?...................Ahhhh if I tell you the secret  I might have to Kill you, so you better work it out yourself ..............................
While I finish feasting on my fedora I will regress to last Wednesday......
                                                                                                                                 With a hop skip and a train ride I made my way to  the big smoke to meet up with Ms Beatrice at the HMV on Oxford street, the reason for this gathering was Old Nick and his men of Grinding who were playing a mini gig at the store. I arrived pretty early and already people had started to crowd around the stage area, well more of a queue really because you had to stand in between the shop fittings (how very British!) Anyway I managed to get a good spot and I set up Camp Sinth in ready for Ms Beatrice's arrival. Time ticked by and I sort of went into a day dream listening to the music on the tanoy  waiting for Bea who had been strapped to her desk by her mean boss people (Bah!). Then I heard it, (again this moment backs up my theory that my life is slowly turning into a movie) Old Winehouse came on the tanoy " You go back to her and I'll ....go... Back ...To.......... BLACK" she wailed......., now those of you who know Ms Beatrice will know that this is her song (if she likes it or not) thanks to one weekend of that album being on constant repeat! So sure enough the song came on, I turned around thinking "well wouldn't it be strange if....."  and if by magic she appeared, Ahhh timing really is every thing. (I know that took a lot of journal up but it was a very special moment and had to be recorded)
                                                                                                                                  We were warmed up by two little whipper snapper bands who both really went for it and played their little enthusiastic hearts out, its good to see new bands who really want to perform and have life in them. Next on was the main event, the stage was full of weird keyboards and various ickle guitars not to mention the smorgus board of effect peddles! After a few technical hitches Grinderman took to the stage, their presence was striking enough let alone the wall of sound they produced through mini fenders and an electric lute! It was Loud,Dirty, Hairy and Edgy.... although I think looking at Nick he seemed a bit
(a teeny tiny bit ) vulnerable, I'm not sure why but it could have been the odd set up of playing in a shop at 2pm and not being able to smoke! But in no way did that affect the show, going back to what i said earlier about new bands having life, its also good to see established artists have that little bit of fear in their eyes now and again it shows that they still have some sort of soul left and not become a machine.
                                                                                                  By the end of the gig we had drunk most of the Cheeky Vodka I had smuggled into the store so we headed to the pub, which was a wonderful place called The Intrepid Fox, a sort of Goth/Metal pub full of skulls,black,pirate booty and very pleased to see you staff.
As the rain poured down outside Ms Beatrice and I Toasted many a pint away, and when we are in drinking mode not even an empty bar can stop us! But on this occasion we had good reason not to disappear into the land of pink elephants and lemonade for Mr Wainwright was about to start his little gig back at HMV. With rather light feet we waltzed to the store, I do find ambling around the avenues and alley ways of London a bit squiffy in the after work rush with a good friend very invigorating (not dis-similar to a couple of salmon swimming against the current). When we arrived the place was packed out so we could not such a good spot, but Mr Wainwright's voice carried perfectly as if each note he sang was a first class letter delivered to each person in the crowd, needless to say I will be researching this bard a lot more. At the end of his set it was time for the pub again and also time to add to our duo, we made base at a bar called Spits (I think??) where we were joined by WilyKate and WilyKat who were on top form and very chipper indeed and after a few beers a lot of giggles it was time to head off again, this time to my train but not before downing some dirty meat for the journey.But my day wasn't over yet for I was serenaded on my mobile by Deb-Rah the Everliving who had found new life in her Clarinet which really cheered up my lonely trip home.
                                                                                                Now to the reason I'm brunching on my Bowler. 28 Weeks Later. If you had spoken to me about this film in the last two months you would have witnessed a bearded man jibbering in excitement at the prospect of this Zombie-esque sequel only the week before I saw the film I was defending it as people voiced their doubts about this Flick, and that's when I said it " If its anything less than Incredible I will eat my HAT!!" ..........So that is why I chew on my Cap. I don't think I can express how terrible this film was, the disappointment has left a mighty hole in my faith of film, infact it is making my fingers clench together just thinking about it! Hmmpphh! Bah!!


"Flaming Goats Batman"

Well hello LJ,
                        I'm afraid I have been a bad scribe and haven't been recording half as much as I should . So here is the last two weeks, if your sitting comfortably I shall begin.
                         Our latest antics started with a week of Council, Boo and myself were visited three consecutive days by three different friends   (Mr.Tank, WileyKat and Leebot) all unplanned each having a different story of (in no particular order) delight ,woe and travels. I felt a little like Scrooge being visited by the three ghosts of Christmas although my guests were all quite alive and welcome and I didn't get a young whipper snapper to get me the biggest turkey in the shop the next morning.....but still I did say  "just a little".
                          That weekend was a good'n to say the least, on the Saturday night a merry band of us ventured out for drinks and giggles, unfortunately one of our gang namely Mr.Tank was struck down with misery and retired early on, so much for the words of wisdom we laced him with earlier in the week! We ended up stumbling upon maybe the best cocktail bar in Norwich! A place named Erpingham House ( Ooooh posh sounding isn't it). Their cocktail list wasn't huge and was fairly expensive but it did include some really quality drinks and more importantly the bar staff knew what they were doing, each drink was made with love and precision. To top it all off we even invented our own cocktail!
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you ' Hot Potatoes' ......
                                                                                              A healthy swig of Vodka maybe two
                                                                                              Ginger Beer
                                                                                              Fresh Lime Juice
                                                                                              A few drops of Tabasco sauce
                                                                                              Served in a long glass over ice and a slice
It really tastes great, its like a Bloody Mary without the blood, sort of a Plasma Mary! Definitely a 'morning after the night before' Cocktail and the name comes from the Tabasco sauce (Hot) then the Vodka (Potatoes) ....
                            The following week rushed by with such speed it was uncanny! The only visit we had that week was from the sainsburys delivery man with our shopping, who is worth a mention for he was the most polite man I have ever met. With every single bag he passed to me he said 'Thank you'  and there must of been at least twenty bags, it became like a tennis match, him serving with ' Thank you ' and me back handing a return with ' Cheers ' . So hats of to you who ever you are Mr.Sainsburys

                            So now to Saturday, we will skip the fact I ate the largest Pizza known to man on Friday night, it was big but not clever! Anyway Saturday was Mr. Bungles Birthday and to celebrate we went a drinking, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the whole night, what with recent events an all and I half expected to end up crashing the mini sleep over at Rah the Everliving's  nursing another failed evening...
                            Five O'Clock came a calling and I headed down to the pub with Mr. Jagger in tow, once there it was a good pint or so till anyone else joined us which was fine as Mr. J and I were able to chit chat about music and stuff. Next on the scene was Jim boy (a sporty fella) who was soon followed by the Birthday boy himself and just like Jack and Jill, Mr. Droopy came tumbling after, I can honestly say I do not get this fellow I have tried to be nice to him tried to talk to him but I get nowhere, he is uber protective of Mr. Bungle and I think he sees me as some sort of threat to their friendship, who knows?....
                           Anyhoo skip to the good bits. Things really got interesting when Jim boy's Girlfriend (who had now joined us along with the P.M's Jerry Hall) mentioned some sort of shindig parade happening in the cathedral, and I am never one to miss a shindig, so with Jim boy and his lady I went hunting for this portable party. What did we find you ask? Goats! Yes Goats,A  Freaky Giant Headed Goat with huge glowing eyes and sparks coming from its horns surrounded by men with drums also dressed as Goats. It was Fantastic, they paraded around the city banging their drums and bleating setting off fireworks, the atmosphere was magical people were dancing around and cheering, wonderful stuff. In the middle of it all I came across Lion O'Brian and Lady Mia, we were all so chuffed to see each other in the street we had a big group hug and just for that drunken moment I was in the middle of a Film with Cameras panning around us.
                           Its weird but that little moment is going to stay with me.

                            Better sign off now for the Grinderman cometh.....................

            Twas a dark and stormy evening, the wind howled among the trees and in the distance the beast of Knowsley road could be heard scratching at someone's helpless fence....But this was of no worry to Sherlock Synth for he was in the safety of his kitchen dancing to Ukrainian folk music and playing the air fiddle . It was in the middle of a leaping star jump that Sherlock first felt the ominous shudder pass through his body like an  warning of peril from beond the grave BZZZZZZ  maybe it was a lost soul wanting justice for an untimely death BZZZZZZ or a spirit trapped in limbo desperate to find their lost love BZZZZZZZ any of these interruptions would have been greeted with a welcoming hand, but this was something else BZZZZZZ  something that would turn out to be far more sinister than any foe or more complicated than any case Sherlock Synth had ever imagined.
                              The room fell silent, Sherlock reached into his pocket to retrive his hip flask only to produce his telephone machine. The device was alight and the words 'missed call ' scrolled across its face "Bah!" he said aloud, "No spirit are you!" ( Sherlock did not like it when a machine got the better of him ) Quite upset that the unworldly hum had just been his telephone he poured himself a drink and retired to the study. Drink in one hand and telephone in the other Sherlock pressed the required buttons to return his missed call. After a few soul-less rings a voice presented its self on the other end,
                        " Hello mate.... "
Immediately using his superior
powers of deduction Sherlock recognized the voice, It was his beautifully useless friend Mr Bungle, a lumberjack of a man who's popularity with the ladies is hard matched. Mr Bungle's voice was no stranger to sherlock's ear but he had been some what of a stranger to any physical presence of late, so his invitation of a meal was met with great response by Sherlock and his offer to pay for said meal (which was a curry none the less!) as a belated birthday gift was even more of a joy. Genuinely happy, Sherlock ended the conversation with a jolly " Cheers "

                     It was the night of the Curry and Sherlock was awaiting his friends in the lounge, His hopes of the evening were high and yet tinged with a dash of woe as relations between him and Mr Bungle were not the best due to " The Case of the Missing Concert Tickets..." in which Mr Bungle was found guilty but more annoyingly his motive still remained a mystery to poor Sherlock.
                      A knock followed by two more sounded, jangling his keys Sherlock opened the the door to be greeted by The Pressman, a wonderfully positive human being full of hand shakes and smiles, also tonight he was bearing a large tube which contained two beautiful pictures of Vintage Absinthe posters for Sherlock. Both friends now full of smiles left and headed for The Pressman's Carriage where they found Mr Bungle and Brian Badtoe waiting for them.
                     Chit led to chat and the evening rolled on at a very pleasant pace, stories were told, jokes were made and fine Indian food was eaten.  " Errr No thanks, Just the bill please "  said Brian Badtoe to the waiter who had just offered him a selection of cone shaped ice creams. After only a few minutes the bill appeared underneath a pile of chocolate mints, which each man soon devoured. Mr Bungle picked up the slip of paper and quickly came to the conclusion that it was a sum of £17 from each friend that would make right the bill.......each friend......each friend? Sherlock started to once again get that ominous shudder but this time it was definitely not his telephone it was a wooden horse full of bad feeling, wheeled up to his gates of friendship and let loose!
                    Not wanting to cause a scene Sherlock took out his wallet and put his money in, still half expecting Mr Bungle to say " No no put that away its my treat, remember?"  but not a word was spoken about it. Even four jars of ale later Sherlock could not express his disappointment to his so called comrade, again chit turned to chat and the night drew to an end.

                  Sherlock was full of disbelief, to a stranger this series of events and misgivings could seem trival and this is what he told himself on his journey home but he could'nt let it lie and "anyway  what do strangers know" he thought to himself , as he closed the car door on Mr Bungle he thanked him for the 'Curry'  which he had not received, faked a smiled and waved goodbye. For a moment he felt satisfied but then came the ghosts the angry, spikey, vengeful ghosts the ones who dont let you sleep at night the ones that make you question who,what,why and when; that night it was the ' why ' which haunted Sherlock so much so the only way to rid himself of such a ghost was to release his rage in a journal. Which he did.

                   Still to this day the missing curry is a mystery, and Sherlock is still haunted by the ghost of ' why ' . Mr Bungle is a free man, he has not been sentenced for any crimes against friendship or Curry kidnapping, maybe Sherlock is suffering from some strange Stockholm Syndrome or maybe he just cant bear to loose such a beautifully useless friend.

                                                                                   THE END.

Second time Lucky....

Ahoy there good ship LJ I have arrived,
.                                                                          ....well I hope I have, I did try and post my first entry on Friday night and it was a blinder! But somewhere along the way it got lost at sea, never the less it served its purpose of calming me down after a very frustrating evening with a useless friend and plus it would of been a bit of a shouty angry way to set sail my LJ voyage .

                                                                          Now today is a completely  different kettle of fish, today i am made of smiles and the feeling of Ahhhh, not to be confused with the feeling of Arrgghh! I had a lovely weekend, to start off I met up with Bad Boy Leeroy Brown and shopped it up Broadway style and had my first ever espresso which was grand, as always good things do come in small packages or in this case ickle cups! So, fuelled up on a caffeine high we proceeded to hunt and gather all the treats of the city that we could fit in our shakey hands. On the way home I popped in to Deb-Rah the Ever-living to collect my dear Lady Boo who had stayed over at said Rah's the night for PJ + DVD fun and much fun she had too! Later that day we went to Mr Lee's and munched on a mountain of Pizza that would of made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blush! We then watched a film about the bloke who played Superman in the 40's or 50's which sent me into a head juddering semi sleep.
                                                                          Sunday was really the icing on the weekend cake, Rah came a visiting with a fella who we had'nt met before but was a really easy to get on with, no uncomfortable silences or stuff like that which is always good, I think it may have been the conversation on how to rid one self of an unwanted dead body that really bonded us that day, infact we got so into the subject that we had some how attracted the attention of flying policemen which is always fun. We were then joined by Mr Lee and Lady Hot Potatoes who poped in to say Word! The fire burned the beer was drunk, purple stuff came and went and the evening said good bye to the day and every thing sort of fizzled to Ahhhhhhhhhh.

                                                                                A perfect Sunday.